Wednesday, 22 April 2015

In Pursuit of Happiness Pink Hair

My pursuit for pink hair has been ongoing for several years. I attempted to realise this dream as a teenager and used a home dye kit. Naively I underestimated how much peroxide I would need and ended up with only half my head bleached when I ran out of dye. This resulted in a quick dash to the shops to acquire more but the results were still disastrous. A trip to a salon rectified my mistake but I never put pink to my newly blonde tresses for fear of creating more damage. My long hair was cut short into a blonde, chin length bob and I felt bitterly regretful each time I ran my fingers through my hair, which had become dry and brittle. It was a stark contrast to the black, shiny hair I always had and it has never actually quite been the same. In addition to this my scalp felt tight and itchy. I vowed to never attempt to colour my hair again, let alone bleach it.

A decade passed and all concerns faded. I thought my dreams would finally be realised this week as I plucked up the courage and voiced my desires for pink hair to my hairdresser. He seemed eager and excited to take on this challenge so I allowed him to do the necessary and he promptly started to snip strands of my hair (which had only just been newly styled!) He chatted animatedly about concocting different strengths of peroxide and would 'play around' with it so I would have a colour range of baby pinks to choose from.

Upon arriving for my hair consultation yesterday my hopes and dreams for baby pink hair were soon turned to bitter disappointment as I stared at the results. My hair had been soaked in peroxide for two hours but had turned into an orange bale of straw. I tentatively picked up my hair sample and it broke apart in my hands. 

My hairdresser not wanting to be defeatist, brought out a shade chart and suggested that I lighten my hair gradually. He pointed out a dark, honey blonde. Ironically for someone who desires pink hair, I like the natural look and try not to deviate too much from darker or slightly lighter shades when experimenting with colour.

He then asked whether I have heard of hair chalk. I had, but was not very familiar with it. Before I knew it a bright fluorescent pink liquid was being painted onto my hair as my hairdresser debriefed me on what it is. Hair chalk comes in any colour and is applied (painted) straight onto dry hair in liquid form. The chalk is then dried, either naturally or blow dried. It is recommended to blow dry the colour on otherwise your hair will turn dry and crispy. Depending on how often you wash your hair, the colour should last between two days up to a week. I wash my hair daily so the colour will fade within two to three days.

For me, the results were not quite what I had envisioned but I was pleasantly surprised 5 minutes later when I had an instant, damage free mane of pink hair! I think this is a pretty good alternative to bleach and it is ideal for me, considering I change my mind all the time. I had to ramp up the filter for the photograph because the pink did not show up very well with the lighting. Hair chalks come in all colours and you can do it yourself at home. The brightness and shade will be dependant on how light or dark your hair is. I was surprised at how well the pink took to my darker locks. I am now on the lookout for a box of hair chalks and am already eager to try turquoise.